The Baking Sheet - Issue #202

Tez/Dev is coming -- Join us in Brussels!

Paris B at the Finish Line

Proposal Update: The Decisive Vote on Paris B Nears Completion

How to Vote for Paris B:

octez-client submit ballot for YOUR_ADDRESS PtParisBQscdCm6Cfow6ndeU6wKJyA3aV1j4D3gQBQMsTQyJCrz yay|nay|pass

As the hands of the Tezos governance clock continue their unwavering progression, we find ourselves in the midst of a pivotal chapter—the promotion period for the Paris B proposal. This phase, which concludes on May 21st, is not just another tick in the sequence but a defining stroke in the grand narrative of Tezos’ evolutionary journey.

Paris B, having navigated through the exploration vote and the subsequent cooldown period, now stands at the threshold of implementation. The promotion period, the final bastion of consensus, requires a quorum of 50.72%. Currently, the participation level stands at 26%, indicating a need for heightened engagement from the community to cross this crucial juncture.

The stakes are high and the clock ticks steadily. The Paris B proposal, lauded for its transformative potential, aims to reshape the landscape of Tezos with several key features:

  • Reduced Block Times: A leap towards faster transactions, ensuring the network remains robust and responsive.

  • Data Availability Layer (DAL): A foundational upgrade to augment throughput and scalability, particularly enhancing the capabilities of Smart Rollups.

  • Adaptive Issuance and Staking: These adjustments aim to fine-tune the economic heartbeat of Tezos, ensuring its long-term sustainability and fortified security.

  • Adaptive Slashing: A recalibrated approach to protocol violations, where penalties are meticulously aligned with the severity and intent of the infractions.

This promotion period is more than a procedural formality; it is a litmus test for the community's readiness to embrace substantial innovation. Each vote cast is not merely a transaction but a declaration of commitment to the collective vision and democratic ethos of Tezos.

To all Tezos Bakers: This is your moment to act, not just as participants, but as pillars of a governance model that prides itself on inclusivity and progress. Your vote is the voice of the future, echoing through the annals of blockchain evolution.

Tez Holders: The influence of your stake is exercised through your chosen bakers. Engage with them, encourage them, and ensure that your voice is not just heard, but resounds through the decision-making process.

As we edge closer to the deadline, each vote is a critical pulse in the heartbeat of Tezos’ governance. The outcome of Paris B will serve not only as a reflection of community participation but also a signal of our collective capacity to navigate the currents of change and innovation.

Stay tuned to Tezos Agora for real-time updates on the governance activity. This is a time for action, for attention, and for unity. Let’s rally together to make this vote not just successful, but historic.

Together, we are not just witnesses to change—we are the architects of the future.

Join us at Tez/Dev 2024 in Brussels!

🚀 Tickets are now available! Secure your spot at Tezos' annual conference, TezDev, the premier gathering for builders, partners, and enthusiasts in the Web3 space. This year, we're excited to host the event in Brussels, a hub for technology and innovation, and just a short distance from EthCC.

Why attend Tez/Dev?

  • Connect and Network: Meet and engage with the global Tezos community

  • Learn from the Experts: Gain insights from leading voices in the industry through talks, workshops, and panel discussions.

  • Explore New Developments: Discover the latest innovations and projects happening on Tezos.

Event Highlights:

  • Location: Brussels, Belgium – the heart of Europe and a beacon for tech innovators.

  • Date: Happening on July 11th — The full agenda will be provided soon. Stay tuned!

Special Offer:

  • Early Bird Incentive: The first 50 registrants will receive exclusive TezDev swag! Make sure to pick up your gift upon arrival at the event.

🎟️ Get Your Ticket Now! Tickets are available for a limited time until Wednesday, May 15th, at 14:00 UTC. Grab your free ticket today to ensure you don't miss out: Grab a ticket here!

Hurry! The first 50 attendees to secure a ticket from this batch will get exclusive swag at the door.

Join us at Tez/Dev 2024, where the future of Tezos unfolds. We look forward to welcoming you to Brussels and sharing an unforgettable experience.

Join the objkt MS Paint Art Contest – Win up to 500 XTZ!

Are you ready to relive the glory days of Windows 98? objkt is bringing back the classic charm of MS Paint in a fun, retro-themed art contest. Create pixel art and compete for prizes totaling 500 XTZ!


  • Top Prize: 250 XTZ for the grand winner.

  • Every Participant: Receives an exclusive Objkt t-shirt.

Time Left to Submit: Dust off your virtual floppy disks, there are only 6 left to enter your masterpiece!

How to Participate: Boot up your system, create or connect your Tezos wallet, and then let your creativity flow using the objkt MS Paint tool, reminiscent of your favorite Windows 98 programs. Once your pixel masterpiece is complete, submit it through the official participation form.

Judging Process: After the digital paint dries and submissions close, an objkt jury will select the top 10 artworks that echo the nostalgia of the pixel era. Community votes will determine the winner, allowing everyone a say in which pixelated creation captures the spirit of the '90s best.

windows GIF

Getting Started & Assistance: If you're feeling nostalgic but need a little guidance, start by setting up your wallet here, then begin your pixel journey here, and submit your art here. For any troubleshooting, dial up objkt’s Discord channel (#objkt-paint-98) for support, or consult the FAQs for help on wallet setup and funding.

Be Inspired: Click through the OBJKT PAINT 98 COLLECTION to see entries from fellow enthusiasts. Let their digital canvases inspire your creation.

Whether you were an ace at Minesweeper or a Solitaire wizard, this contest is a perfect way to blend your '90s nostalgia with modern Tezos technology. Grab your mouse, set your screen resolution, and join us in a celebration of pixel art!

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

Exciting Double Feature Weekend for Manchester United Fans!

This weekend promises a thrilling double feature for all Manchester United supporters, showcasing both our women's and men's teams in key matchups!

FA Cup Final Showdown:

  • Who: Manchester United Women vs. Tottenham Hotspur Women

  • What: A fierce battle for the prestigious FA Cup trophy!

  • Watch Now: The action has already begun – don’t miss out!

Premier League Clash:

  • Who: Manchester United vs. Arsenal

  • Where: The iconic Old Trafford

  • Coming Soon: Stay tuned for this must-see match!

Exclusive Manchester United Collectibles: Don’t forget to claim your free Manchester United collectible! Here's what you could win:

  • VIP Matchday Tickets: Experience the game in style with the best seats in the house.

  • Signed Kits: Own a piece of Manchester United history with kits signed by the players.

  • Live Training Sessions: Watch the Manchester United Women’s and Men’s teams train up close and personal.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to support both teams and win exclusive Manchester United memorabilia. Let’s cheer on our teams to victory this weekend!

Kukai Announces Public iOS Beta Launch and Teases Future Updates

Kukai is excited to extend a heartfelt thanks to the numerous teams and users within the Tezos ecosystem for their continued support and contributions. This collaboration has been instrumental in evolving and enhancing the Kukai wallet experience.

What’s New?

  • Public iOS Beta: Kukai has launched the public iOS beta, inviting users to experience the latest updates and provide feedback. Interested iOS users can join the beta testing by visiting Kukai iOS Beta.

  • Future Updates: Kukai isn’t stopping here. The team has teased upcoming releases for both a new Kukai Web and an Android version, promising further enhancements and accessibility across different platforms.

Stay tuned for more updates and be part of the evolution of Kukai’s wallet experience by joining the iOS beta today!

Baking Bad Secures Grant from Tezos Foundation to Enhance Tezos Ecosystem

Baking Bad, a renowned developer of blockchain explorers, developer tools, and DeFi products, has secured a significant grant from the Tezos Foundation. This grant will support the expansion and further development of a suite of tools that are vital to the Tezos ecosystem. Here’s a look at the key projects benefiting from this grant:

1. TzKT: The Premier Tezos Blockchain Explorer TzKT stands out as the most advanced Tezos blockchain indexer, featuring a powerful API that makes it the top tool within the Tezos ecosystem. It offers accurate and comprehensive blockchain data in real time, facilitating enhanced visibility and analysis for users. For more information, visit TzKT.

2. Better Call Dev: Streamlining Tezos Smart Contract Development Better Call Dev acts as a unique explorer and dashboard for Tezos smart contracts, simplifying development and debugging. It provides various tools for direct interaction with smart contracts, making it easier for developers to manage their projects. Discover more at Better Call Dev.

3. DipDup: A Python Framework for Tezos Dapps DipDup is a Python framework designed to help developers build dapp-specific smart contract indexers. It allows them to concentrate on business logic rather than on backend data handling, thereby speeding up development processes. Detailed documentation can be found at DipDup.

4. PyTezos: A Versatile Python Library PyTezos offers a comprehensive Python library for interacting with the Tezos blockchain, testing smart contracts, and writing Michelson scripts. It is instrumental for developers looking to integrate advanced blockchain functionalities into their applications. Learn more at PyTezos.

5. Netezos: .NET SDK for Tezos Netezos provides a cross-platform SDK for .NET developers, offering high-performance functionality for interacting with the Tezos blockchain and processing its data. It also supports seamless integration for Unity game developers, expanding the potential for blockchain in gaming. More details are available at Netezos.

The Tezos Foundation's support for Baking Bad underscores a shared commitment to fostering innovation and development within the Tezos community. This collaboration will undoubtedly lead to enhanced tools and broader capabilities, reinforcing the infrastructure of the Tezos blockchain.

GameFi Integrates with Tezos

GameFi, an all-encompassing hub for NFT gaming, game studios, players, traders, and investors in one place, has announced the successful integration of the Tezos blockchain into its platform. This collaboration activates a series of comprehensive initiatives:

  • Network Integration: The seamless incorporation of the Tezos blockchain with GameFi’s platform ensures enhanced functionality and broader accessibility for users.

  • Ecosystem Collaboration: Both entities will support promising projects within their ecosystems, fostering growth and innovation.

  • Knowledge and Connections Sharing: GameFi and Tezos will exchange knowledge and connections, leveraging their respective networks to mutual advantage.

  • Future Collaborations: The partnership hints at exciting future collaborations, promising significant advancements and opportunities in the intersection of gaming and blockchain technology.

This integration is set to open new avenues for development and provide enhanced experiences for users in the rapidly evolving sector of blockchain-based gaming.

ICYMI — Youves 2.0: A Significant Upgrade to the User Experience

Last month, Youves announced the upcoming launch of Youves 2.0, marking a significant upgrade to its platform. This new version aims to refine the user experience and expand its functionalities to meet the evolving needs of its community. Here’s what users can expect from Youves 2.0:

  • Enhanced Interface: Youves 2.0 will introduce a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easier for users to navigate and manage their investments.

  • Advanced Features: The update promises advanced features that will provide users with more control and flexibility over their financial activities on the platform.

  • Improved Performance: With better performance metrics, Youves 2.0 aims to offer a smoother and more reliable experience.

This development update is a part of Youves’ commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring that it remains ahead in the DeFi space. To learn more about Youves 2.0 and the detailed developments, visit their update post at Youves 2.0 Development Update.

🔴 Now Streaming: Tezos Creator Spotlight | wwwombats

wwwombats (otherwise known as Anthony Lewis), shares his journey as an artist and co-founder of the Ottez PFP collection on Tezos. He discusses his background in art and web design, his introduction to NFTs and blockchain, and the inspiration behind creating the Ottez collection.

Where to Watch/Listen:

Upcoming Tezos Events

TezCon Seattle

🗓️ Date & Time: Saturday, June 1, 3:30 PM - 7:30 PM PDT
📍 Location: Seattle NFT Museum, 2123 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121, United States

This is your opportunity to connect with the vibrant community of creators and enthusiasts driving the future of NFTs.

🎟️ RSVP now! Secure your spot by clicking on the Eventbrite link below and join us for an awesome night with the Tezos community.