The Baking Sheet - Issue #203

This is it -- 4 days remaining for Paris B

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Proposal Update: The Decisive Vote on Paris B Nears Completion

How to Vote for Paris B:

octez-client submit ballot for YOUR_ADDRESS PtParisBQscdCm6Cfow6ndeU6wKJyA3aV1j4D3gQBQMsTQyJCrz yay|nay|pass

The Final Countdown: Paris B Proposal Nears Quorum With Just 5 Days Left

Dear Tezos Community,

As the sands of time slip through the hourglass, we find ourselves at a pivotal crossroads. The promotion period for the Paris B proposal is nearing its conclusion on May 21st, and the stakes have never been higher. Currently, we are 8% shy of the required 50.72% quorum, with participation at 42.72%. These final five days are crucial for ensuring the successful implementation of this transformative proposal.

Current Status

Paris B has successfully navigated the exploration vote and cooldown period, bringing us to this decisive moment. The community’s involvement thus far has been commendable, yet we require a final collective effort to cross the quorum threshold. Your engagement in these final days is essential.

Highlights of the Paris B Proposal

For a brief overview, here are the key features of the Paris B proposal:

  1. Reduced Block Times: Enhancing transaction speeds to maintain network efficiency and responsiveness.

  2. Data Availability Layer (DAL): A significant upgrade to increase throughput and scalability, particularly benefiting Smart Rollups.

  3. Adaptive Issuance and Staking: Refinements to the economic mechanisms of Tezos, promoting long-term sustainability and security.

  4. Adaptive Slashing: Introducing a more nuanced approach to penalizing protocol violations, aligning penalties with the severity and intent of infractions.

These improvements are designed to bolster the Tezos network, ensuring its robustness and future-readiness.

Call to Action

We urge all Tezos bakers and holders to take action. Bakers, your votes are critical in shaping our governance landscape. Tez holders, your influence is wielded through your chosen bakers; engage with them, encourage their participation, and ensure your stake is actively contributing to this important decision.

Moving Forward

As the deadline approaches, it is evident that every vote is crucial. The outcome of the Paris B proposal will reflect our community’s commitment to progress and innovation.

Stay informed with real-time updates on governance activities through Tezos Agora. Let’s work together to ensure this proposal not only succeeds but sets a strong precedent for future developments.

Thank you for your continued dedication and participation.

TZ APAC Teams Up With Starbase to Accelerate Web3 Gaming on Tezos

As we edge closer to the critical quorum for the Paris B proposal, another significant milestone is unfolding in the Tezos ecosystem. TZ APAC has announced a new partnership with Starbase, not to be confused with the iconic space-themed game, but an accelerator known for its work with GameFi and AI projects. This collaboration aims to supercharge the growth of Web3 games on the Tezos blockchain, breathing new life into the APAC Web3 gaming industry.

A Strategic Partnership

This partnership is focused on promoting high-quality Web3 gaming projects within the Tezos ecosystem. Starbase will assist TZ APAC in discovering, selecting, and launching some of the most promising Web3 gaming projects across the Asia-Pacific region. This alliance is expected to greatly enhance our gaming ecosystem on Tezos and move the GameFi sector forward.

Support and Development

What’s particularly exciting is the support these gaming projects will receive. TZ APAC is offering grants, marketing assistance, and technical support, which will help reduce development costs and operational risks for startups. This means these startups can concentrate more on creating engaging game content and improving player experiences.

Starbase will use its regional expertise to help TZ APAC identify and nurture top-tier Web3 gaming projects. They will assist these projects in seamlessly integrating and deploying within the Tezos ecosystem, ensuring a smooth process.

Looking Ahead

This partnership between TZ APAC and Starbase is a major step forward for the Tezos blockchain and the Web3 gaming industry in the APAC region. By combining their resources and expertise, they’re well-positioned to support the growth of Web3 gaming projects on Tezos.

Tezos Named a Sponsor for Consensus 2024

To wrap up this week's opening headlines, we're excited to learn that Tezos will be a proud sponsor at Consensus 2024, the world’s largest and most influential gathering for the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 community. Consensus 2024 is set to bring together developers, investors, founders, brands, policymakers, and more for a series of hard-hitting conversations, hands-on workshops, and visionary talks that aim to shape the future of a decentralized world.

Join Us at Booth 1801

If you’re attending Consensus 2024, make sure to stop by booth 1801. The Tezos team will be there, ready to chat with the community and hand out some cool swag. This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts, learn more about the latest developments in the Tezos ecosystem, and discuss the pivotal matters of the day.

About Consensus

Consensus is renowned for being the primary forum where the industry comes together to discuss the most pressing issues, celebrate significant achievements, and engage in critical debates. Whether you’re a developer, investor, founder, or policymaker, Consensus 2024 offers the tools and insights needed to continue laying the foundation for a more decentralized future.

For more details and to register, visit Consensus 2024 Registration.

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

After diving into the big headlines, let’s shift our focus to some exciting updates within our ecosystem. One of the standout developments this week is Etherlink entering its mainnet beta—a crucial step towards launching a non-custodial, EVM-compatible blockchain that is fast, fair, and nearly free, all powered by the magic of Tezos Smart Rollups.

Beta Phase and What It Means

Etherlink’s mainnet beta isn’t just a technical milestone; it’s a community effort aimed at onboarding over 15 partners and ensuring a secure, production-ready environment. You can track all the action on the Etherlink Mainnet explorer and get hands-on experience using the Testnet playground.

What You Need to Know

  • Onboarding Partners: Over 15 partners will be onboarded during this stage, laying the foundation for the main launch.

  • Innovative DeFi Solutions: Users will soon interact with projects like Hanji and Plend from the DeFi Catalyst Accelerator.

  • Support for Builders: Robust infrastructure, cutting-edge tools, and resources are available to help projects thrive.

  • Community-Governed Sequencer: Operated by, ensuring low-latency user experiences with 500ms block times.

  • Enhanced Security: Inherits Tezos Layer 1 security, with a decentralized governance model, fraud proofs, and censorship resistance. Additional audits and testing are in progress to ensure system integrity.

Key Features and Community Involvement

One of the most exciting aspects of Etherlink is its community-governed sequencer, operated by, which guarantees low-latency user experiences with 500ms block times. The community will play a pivotal role in selecting the sequencer operator through on-chain decentralized governance.

Security remains paramount, with Etherlink inheriting Tezos Layer 1 security and incorporating a decentralized governance model, fraud proofs, and censorship resistance. Rigorous testing and additional audits are underway to maintain system integrity.

Join the Etherlink Community

Personally, I find the implementation of rollups particularly fascinating, as they significantly enhance scalability and transaction speeds while maintaining the security and decentralization that Tezos is known for. Stay updated with their latest developments by following them on Twitter, Medium, and joining their Discord server. For more information and to learn how to run your own Etherlink node, visit the Etherlink website.

OpenPad Integrates Tezos Blockchain

Continuing with our ecosystem updates, OpenPad has successfully integrated the Tezos blockchain into its platform by deploying on Etherlink, an L2 EVM-compatible Smart Rollup built on Tezos. This integration marks a major step toward more secure, transparent, and efficient collaboration within OpenPad's ecosystem.

What You Need to Know

  • Network Integration: OpenPad has incorporated Tezos' robust blockchain infrastructure, enhancing its overall system capabilities.

  • Smart Contracts Governance: Utilizing Tezos smart contracts, OpenPad enables decentralized governance models for project management, allowing users to vote on changes or updates to shared documents and project milestones.

  • Enhanced Security and Verification: By recording document hashes on the Tezos blockchain, OpenPad ensures immutable proof of authorship and document integrity, providing a tamper-proof audit trail.

  • Tokenization and Incentives: OpenPad can leverage Tezos to issue its own tokens or use XTZ to reward contributors, manage subscriptions, and facilitate value exchanges within the ecosystem, enhancing engagement and participation.

  • Sharing Network and Connection: This integration fosters a stronger network and deeper connections within the Tezos community, facilitating seamless collaboration and innovation.

Technical Implementation on OpenPad

OpenPad's integration with Tezos introduces a new paradigm for decentralized project management and collaboration. By leveraging Tezos' smart contract functionality and secure blockchain infrastructure, OpenPad enhances document integrity, version control, and collaborative governance.

Launching on Etherlink, OpenPad benefits from sub-second latency, robust censorship resistance, and exceptionally low transaction fees. The Etherlink optimistic rollup blockchain introduces a decentralized sequencer and upcoming MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) protection, ensuring a fairer, more secure user experience.

I am excited about the potential of this integration to bring about more efficient and transparent project management solutions. OpenPad's use of Tezos' demonstrates the power of decentralized systems in enhancing security and collaboration.

Stay updated with their latest developments by following OpenPad's blog, and connect with the community for further insights.

Art on Tezos: EthCC Week Takeover Contest

There’s an exciting contest happening right now that you won’t want to miss! Artcrush Gallery, in partnership with Trilitech, has launched the "Art on Tezos: EthCC Week Takeover" contest, offering incredible opportunities for artists in our community. Here’s everything you need to know to participate and what’s at stake.

Contest Details

Open Call - Phase 1:

  • Entry Period: Any artist can enter until Sunday, May 19th at 12 PM PST.

  • How to Enter: Mint one artwork on Tezos and respond to the contest tweet with your entry. Make sure to retweet and tag two friends.

  • Selection Process: By May 22nd, curators @sendr0ck and @UnknownCo123 will select 20 winners from the submissions.

Open Call - Phase 2:

  • Submission Deadline: The 20 winners will be invited to send an original artwork to @Artcrushgallery by June 11th. These works will be part of the Artcrush Art Drop on @objktcom.

Benefits for All 20 Winners

The selected 20 artworks will receive the following benefits:

  • Exhibition in Ghent: The artworks will be exhibited through a Giant Beaming in Ghent from July 6th to July 8th.

  • Exhibition in Brussels: The artworks will be showcased in the new IRL Artcrush Gallery in Brussels from July 7th to July 11th.

  • Promotion During EthCC & TezDev Brussels: The artworks will be promoted during an art drop coinciding with EthCC and TezDev Brussels.

Additional Benefits for 3 Grand Winners

From the 20 selected artworks, three will be chosen as Grand Winners, receiving additional perks:

  • Billboard Exhibition: The artworks will be displayed on 1000 billboards across Belgium from July 2nd to July 14th, ensuring 2 million plays per artist.

  • Extended Exposure: In addition to the benefits mentioned above, these artworks will gain widespread visibility during EthCC and TezDev Brussels.

How to Participate

This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your creativity and gain massive exposure. I’m excited to see how our community’s artistic talents shine through in this contest.

Be sure to follow the contest guidelines and submit your best work. You can find more details and enter the contest by checking the official announcement post on X.

This Week in Tezos Development

Tezos Development with freeCodeCamp

We have an exciting resource for you this week! freeCodeCamp has just released a comprehensive 12-hour tutorial on building on Tezos, thanks to a grant from the Tezos Foundation. This course covers everything from the basics of blockchain to advanced topics like decentralized finance (DeFi) and the unique features of the Tezos protocol.

Course Overview

Here are some of the key sections included in this massive course:

  • Introduction to Blockchain and Tezos: Understand the fundamental concepts of blockchain technology and how Tezos differentiates itself from other blockchain platforms. Learn about Tezos' unique self-amending ledger, which allows upgrades without the need for hard forks, promoting continuity and reducing division within the community.

  • Setting Up a Tezos Wallet: Learn about the different types of wallets available for Tezos, how to set them up, and how to secure your assets.

  • Smart Contracts on Tezos: Dive deep into writing and deploying smart contracts. Explore Tezos-specific languages like Michelson and SmartPy, and learn how to use them to create functional and secure contracts.

  • Developing Decentralized Applications (dApps): Gain hands-on experience developing dApps on Tezos. Understand the architecture and how to connect the front end with the Tezos blockchain backend.

  • Governance and Upgrades: Learn about the governance process that allows Tezos to evolve smoothly over time and how you can participate in this process as a developer or a stakeholder. This section highlights Tezos' Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, which enhances energy efficiency and enables stakeholders to participate actively in the governance process through "baking."

Watch the Full Course

This course is a fantastic opportunity to deepen your understanding of blockchain technology and develop the skills necessary to build innovative solutions on Tezos. With its hands-on approach, the course not only teaches theoretical knowledge but also provides practical skills and real-world applications. By the end of this course, you will be proficient in navigating the Tezos ecosystem, developing your own smart contracts, and contributing to the platform’s evolution.

Check out the full 12-hour course on the YouTube channel.

🔴 Now Streaming: Builders on Tezos | Claude Barde

Today, we're excited to have Claude with us, a developer advocate from TrilliTech. We’ll get a closer look at his role and dig into his recent projects, like the new JavaScript rollup. Plus, we'll talk about how he's actively engaging the Tezos developer community. Join us for a genuine and insightful discussion on what Claude is bringing to the Tezos ecosystem!

Where to Watch/Listen:

Upcoming Tezos Events

🚀 Tickets are now available! Secure your spot at Tezos' annual conference, TezDev, the premier gathering for builders, partners, and enthusiasts in the Web3 space. This year, we're excited to host the event in Brussels, a hub for technology and innovation, and just a short distance from EthCC.

Why attend Tez/Dev?

  • Connect and Network: Meet and engage with the global Tezos community

  • Learn from the Experts: Gain insights from leading voices in the industry through talks, workshops, and panel discussions.

  • Explore New Developments: Discover the latest innovations and projects happening on Tezos.

Event Highlights:

  • Location: Brussels, Belgium – the heart of Europe and a beacon for tech innovators.

  • Date: Happening on July 11th — The full agenda will be provided soon. Stay tuned!

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Join us at Tez/Dev 2024, where the future of Tezos unfolds. We look forward to welcoming you to Brussels and sharing an unforgettable experience.
Join us at Tez/Dev 2024 in Brussels!

TezCon Seattle

🗓️ Date & Time: Saturday, June 1, 3:30 PM - 7:30 PM PDT
📍 Location: Seattle NFT Museum, 2123 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121, United States

This is your opportunity to connect with the vibrant community of creators and enthusiasts driving the future of NFTs.

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